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At Sideshift we do one thing and we do it well: We take the stress out of docking your boat. Our revolutionary bow and stern thruster technology sets the standard for affordable, powerful, and easy-to-install thruster solutions for all types of boats, including monohull, pontoon, and houseboats.

This is one of the best additions I have purchased for my yacht and has made me a safe boat owner.GARY JENKINS

Our bow and stern thrusters rely on a revolutionary design pioneered by the Sideshift solution that places the thrusters on the outside of the hull, rather than inside.

This unique design allows for quiet operation, better response, and easy installation – all at a lower installed cost than any other competing thruster solution.

Are you docking like a pro, or acting as the shore entertainment?

Does the thought of taking your boat out on the water on a windy day make you feel more stressed out than excited?

Are you using your boat less and less because of your fear of docking?

You are not alone.

Docking can be one of the most stressful experiences you will face as a boat owner. Worrying about damaging your boat or your neighbour’s boat can turn a beautiful day on the water into a stressful nightmare.

That’s where Sideshift can help. Most of our customers purchase a Sideshift thruster system for one or more of the following reasons:

  • I want to be able to park my boat with confidence: Slips are getting tighter, and there are times when the wind just won’t cooperate.
  • I want to stop worrying about damaging my boat and my neighbour’s boat: Our boats are major investments and I don’t want to risk damage every time I want to go out on the water.
  • I want to feel confident when I explore new places: I bought my boat so that I could explore new waters, but I need more precise control to navigate unknown marinas and locks with confidence.
  • I want to be able to dock in any condition: Windy conditions make docking too unsafe for me to manage on my own or with my spouse.
  • I want my boating experience to be fun, including docking: Boating is fun, but docking is stressful and I’m tired of the anxiety that comes with docking in difficult conditions.

Do any of these points hit close to home? Then a Sideshift thruster system might be the perfect solution for you.

Ultimate control

No matter what weather you’re in, Sideshift is there to help guide your boat home safely and easily, every time. Our pivot point advantage and unique prop-in-water design deliver stronger, more immediate performance than conventional tunnel thrusters. In stressful docking situations, seconds count, and Sideshift delivers the performance you need.

Instant response

Sideshift thrusters’ external mounting position places our 8” aluminum propellers in direct contact with the water, providing instant response when seconds count. Conventional tunnel thrusters move water through a tube or “tunnel” to provide the required thrust momentum, which can delay response and waste valuable seconds in a critical docking situation. In addition, our external mounting system places the thruster further forward, or astern on the boat. This provides a pivot-point advantage and more immediate response.

Whisper quiet

Sideshift bow and stern thrusters are mounted externally to your boat. Unlike tunnel thrusters that have the motor mounted inside the hull producing significant noise and vibration, Sideshift thrusters are silent and vibration free.

World-class expertise and support

When you purchase a bow or stern thruster from Sideshift, you’re dealing with the industry pioneers behind external thruster technology. We help you every step of the way to ensure that you get the right product, along with unlimited phone support from our team of technical experts.

For over a decade, thousands of customers in over fifty countries have put their trust into Sideshift bow and stern thrusters. Our success is no secret. All our products have been purpose-built for the most extreme weather conditions. Using only the highest quality materials, we provide a comprehensive two-year warranty and we back all our products up with the most responsive product support team in the industry.

Our team at Sideshift has helped thousands of customers with every kind of boat and installation requirement. You can contact our customer support directly by phone any time.


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