Frank's 'Game Changer' - A Sideshift Customer Story - Sideshift Bow Thrusters and Stern Thrusters
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Frank, a repeat Sideshift customer, purchased and installed an ST340 Stern Thruster on his Sea Ray 340 Sundancer in 2023, and sent us a review we just had to share – read below for his stories:

“I was successful at installing the stern thruster on my own (I already had the bow thruster) and man, it’s a GAME CHANGER! Never knew I had such a weight on my shoulders about docking (and my space is tight, like 3 feet next to a big boat, with wind and current and often a crowd fishing nearby watching). Now, I don’t even give it a second thought to go boating (while many other boaters stay docked more than they want). Docking is actually a highlight now.

A recent boating neighbor came to assist me with docking and he literally had nothing to do, hahaha. Not even taking any rope and I was alone on the boat. You know what he said to me? “If I had a video of your docking and posted it on YouTube, it would go viral in an instant. It was beautiful to see, never seen anything like it!” The thrusters are that good.

I like that the power of the thrusters is powerful yet not too powerful: they respond meaningfully at the last second yet they don’t throw me way off course. And the remote got me out of a jam a few times, making me look good and calm. And the thrusters are noiseless compared to some other boats.
Also, I recently did the Rideau Canal (July 2023) all the way to Kingston and back… Oh, the thrusters were awesome! At one point, the lock master said to me that there was only one spot to dock overnight and it was about a 40-foot space (my boat is 34) and it was between two American big looper boats and it was windy… all eyes were on me and my family, and everyone was worried (except my family and I – in fact, I saw it as a surefire easy opportunity to shine). I made it surgically, the bumpers barely squicked on the dock and I got an applause! Oh man, I nailed it, going sideways, nice and slow with a smile of confidence as everything was under control. I felt like “I got this”.

Another story: the lockmasters speak to each other from lock to lock as I’m traveling and the word that got around between them was: “You only need to open 1 lock gate for the Sea Ray 340 Sundancer and that gate doesn’t even need to be fully open.” It doesn’t end there: I went through the half-open gates with no problem, yet the boats behind me insisted every time that both gates be fully opened for them. I’m sporting a big smile as I’m writing this.

I’m telling you… I’m impressed. And there are more stories like that and more are created. It’s a GAME CHANGER!

Thank you for everything, for the quality of the products, for the clear instructions, and for the support.

I proudly wear my Sideshift hat, in fact, yesterday was the last time I wore it. People ask me about it, wouldn’t be surprised if you get a few orders from Boats from Petrie Island and Rockliffe Marina.

Now that’s “The Client Experience” at its best!!

Thank you and to all the staff,


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