Easy to Install - Sideshift Bow Thrusters and Stern Thrusters

Sideshift bow and stern thrusters are designed for easy installation. In fact, while conventional thrusters can take days to install by a professional, our revolutionary design will take you less than a day!

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With boats that plane, the motor and propellers rise out of the water so there is no drag. When the thruster is mounted on a displacement boat, the drag is insignificant because the motor is mounted ahead of the water displacement. Mounted as far forward as possible, the thruster’s propulsion provides the maximum turning moment. A simple touch of the joystick and the motor responds instantly to push the bow to port or starboard.

Installing Sideshift thrusters is easy. Any marine mechanic can do it and any boat owner that’s handy with tools can do the job themselves. It generally takes less than a day to complete the project, and the boat can be used the following day.

The Sideshift thruster kit provides the necessary components and installation hardware, including the thruster, mounting bracket, control unit (mounted in a storage locker or other convenient location), and the wireless joystick, which eliminates long wire runs to the helm, and is installed on or near the boat’s dashboard. The boat owner only has to add cable to connect the batteries. Also, available as an option is a wireless key fob that allows control of the thruster from anywhere on the boat or dock. This is a great safety feature that provides complete control of the boat when tying off at the dock.

Having maximum control of a boat when docking or maneuvering in a limited space is an important advantage for all boat owners. Sideshift external thrusters have made this control both possible and affordable. As a result, the captain and crew can have a better day on the water knowing they will be able to dock the boat as easily as they would park a car.

How To Install Sideshift Thrusters

Our thrusters mount easily using our unique, universal mounting system. Virtually any V-shaped bow, pontoon, or stern can be accommodated.

And to make things even simpler, our thruster systems now come standard with our wireless joystick technology. The included wireless joystick control offers simple plug-and-play for the helm-to-motor controller connection, eliminating the hassle of long wire-runs, and shaving hours off installation time.

Sporting the new shoes
Sporting the new shoes

Installing a Sideshift bow and stern thruster is so easy that you can do it yourself in less than a day. Other thruster systems can cost thousands of dollars to install and take up to a week to complete. Not Sideshift! Just follow the on-line video and easy, step-by-step instructions that are included with every kit to get your boat out on the water faster. And we’re always available to provide phone support if any questions come up.

Local Installers

If you aren’t comfortable installing a Sideshift thruster yourself, you can take it to your local marina or boatyard to let the professionals handle it. Unlike tunnel thrusters that can cost thousands of dollars to install, Sideshift thrusters can be installed for as little as $800-$1,200. Our thrusters have been specifically designed for easy installation by any marine mechanic, and as always, we’re available to speak with your installer if there are any questions.


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