Dock Your Trawler Perfectly Every Time

Maneuvering a Single-Screw Trawler: Art or Science?

Backing a full keel, single-screw trawler has often been described as more art than science.  Prop walk creates significant docking challenges that are unique to trawler-style boats.  Numerous techniques such as the “back and fill”, and the art of “goosing” have been developed to compensate for the boat’s tendency to drift sideways when backing up.  These are good skills to develop, but are often ineffective in more challenging docking situations.

Dock Your Trawler Perfectly Every Time.

Mainship’s, Tollycrafts, Marine Traders, Grand Banks……Trawler owners everywhere have come to trust Sideshift’s revolutionary stern thruster technology and easy-to-install universal mounting system.

Why Choose Sideshift for Your Trawler

Achieve Perfect Docking Control

By mounting further astern than conventional thrusters, Sideshift gives you a pivot-point advantage, while our prop-in-water design means great responsiveness in virtually any weather.

Easy “DIY” Installation

Sideshift’s unique, universal mounting system, and our all-inclusive kit means you’ll experience a hassle-free installation that will quickly have you back on the water. And our wireless joystick technology eliminates long wire runs to your helm, saving you hours of install time.

Quiet Operation

Sideshift’s virtually silent operation means your end-of-day docking won’t disturb your neighbours or draw any unnecessary attention.

No Holes Below the Waterline

Our unique design means no tunnel or holes are required below the waterline, and our thruster can even be installed with your boat in the water!  Our compact motor technology means virtually drag-free operation when underway.

Image of the Sideshift vs Tunnel Thrusters Chart
Conventional tunnel thruster installations can be expensive and even void the hull warranty of your trawler. Explore how Sideshift matches up against tunnel thrusters.

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Choose a Stern Thruster for Your Trawler


Image of a stern thruster from Sideshift installed on a boat.

Stern Thrusters

Mounts easily on the transom or under the swim platform of your boat.

See Our Stern Thrusters

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