Anti-Fouling Paint

At Sideshift we coat every bow and stern thruster with high quality marine anti-fouling paint. We use Interlux InterProtect 2001E to prime our units and Tri-Lux for the anti-fouling finish.

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Why choose Interlux Paints

Whatever your craft and wherever in the world you navigate it, Interlux offers the precise level of protection you need. We have finishes and varnishes to lovingly preserve and beautify your topsides and bright work. Our advanced antifoulings deter barnacles and other types of fouling, enabling the vessel to glide smoothly and efficiently through the water, thus enhancing speed, performance and handling whilst also improving fuel consumption. We have also developed systems to combat the unseen threat of osmosis, safeguarding against harmful and costly repairs and time out of the water. Even in the clearest of waters and the calmest of conditions, the sea never stops working on your boat. Fortunately for you and thousands of other boat owners around the world, neither do we.

Image of InterProtect Antifouling paint from SideshiftInterProtect 2001E Primer

Benefits above and below the waterline include:InterProtect® 2000E is a universal primer for use above and below the waterline. InterProtect is a unique two-part epoxy designed to reduce the potential of water absorption by fiberglass hulls. InterProtect is unique among epoxies because it has Micro-Plates®, a protective barrier within its film to slow down water permeation. Technically, InterProtect Micro-Plates provide millions of overlapping microscopic plates that create a barrier similar to shingles on a roof. These overlapping Micro-Plates eliminate any direct path for water migration and also improve the sag resistance of the epoxy making application easier.

Benefits above and below the waterline include:

  • Repair and protection of gelcoat blistering
  • Use InterProtect as a no sand primer over no-skid decks
  • Primer for cracked and crazed gelcoat
  • Use with Interfill® fairing compound for complete fairing system
  • Anticorrosive primer for bare metal
  • Use over Epiglass® Epoxy Resin and all clear epoxy resins
  • Use as part of the ‘Ultimate’ No Sand System
  • Oil & water resistant bilge coating

Image of Tri-Lux II Antifouling Paint from SideshiftTri-Lux II Anti-Fouling Paint

A unique copolymer paint specifically formulated for aluminum crafts and related surfaces. It is equally compatible with fiberglass, wood, steel and lead. Available in crisp, bright colors including white. Developed for aluminum, compatible with fiberglass Tri-Lux II is ideal for aluminum outdrive and outboard motor lower units, provided application instructions are followed.

Benefits include:

  • Specially formulated to be the safest & most effective product for use on aluminum boats, outdrives and outboards. It can also be applied to fiberglass, wood and other underwater metals.
  • Highly effective antifouling protection from a new, improved version of Biolux® technology.
  • Slow polishing system makes it suitable for fast, active craft as polish-through at high speeds is avoided.
  • Available in bright white, and a range of bright colors with long lasting color stability.

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