Sideshift offers several accessories and replacement parts for your thruster. Whether you need an extra joystick, anodes or a replacement motor for your thruster, Sideshift has you covered.

Image of AK-S-2 Anodes from Sideshift

AK-S-2 Anodes


Replacement anode kit for all single and twin propeller thrusters.

Image of Joy Stick Single White from Sideshift

J01-2 Single Joystick


Single and dual joysticks for all Sideshift thrusters.



Replacement motors for all bow and stern thruster products.

Image of Stern Mounting Bracket Kit from Sideshift

Stern Mounting Bracket Kit

Stern Mounts

Extension and mounting brackets for stern thrusters.


Tri-Lux Paint

Anti-Fouling Paint

Sideshift products use high-quality Interlux anti-fouling paint for all our thrusters. Learn more here.

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