Sideshift Benefits
Benefits of Sideshift Bow & Stern Thrusters
Sideshift Bow Thrusters and Stern Thrusters Simple docking for every boat.

At Sideshift, our innovative bow thrusters and stern thrusters are, very simply, a better way of moving your craft from side to side. Whether you own a cuddy, cruiser, trawler, sailboat or houseboat, Sideshift has a thruster for you!

  • Instant Response & Silent Operation

Sideshift bow and stern thrusters are positioned externally at the front and rear of your boat. This positioning provides two majoradvantages:

  • - No holes through the hull. This eliminates the drag, vibration and noise usually associated with standard bow thrusters.
  • - The Sideshift Pivot Point Advantage. The location of the thruster is a key for bow thruster responsiveness. Sideshift bowthrusters are positioned at the very front of your boat. The difference in "responsiveness" will surprise you.

  • Ease of Installation

Sideshift bow and stern thrusters are much easier and cheaper to install than conventional thrusters.

  • - Installation is usually a "same day" process that can be performed by the boat owner, often without hauling your boat out of the water.
  • - This also allows you to transfer your bow thruster to another boat in the future.
  • - No risk of leakage, since there is no massive hole through the hull.
  • Less Expensive Than You Think

The straightforward installation of Sideshift thrusters results in major cost savings compared to conventional bow or stern thrusters. The big expense of drilling a major hole through your hull is completely eliminated.

  • Proven Performance

Sideshift bow and stern thrusters have been installed on thousands of boats since 2001.

  • To Find Out More

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